Worry people eat the dollshouse [troubleshooting]

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IMPORTANT NOTE (as of 00:13, 16 July 2020): currently video still completely glitched, freezing most of the frame from about 4 minutes to 18 minutes(!!). Working on this, because a huge chunk of the visual content is missing (literally, nearly 15 minutes of it, including images, video, long and short texts). i have shared nonetheless for today though as part of the Affect & Social Media#4.5 and The Sensorium Art Show: Media Virality and the Lockdown Aesthetic 16-17 July 2020 programme.

no idea still why video(s)/recordings not wanting to cooperate. could be size, or computer just not up to snuff. ive worked across imovie and quicktime, no access atm to premiere. below is example of the content that would be occurring, although admittedly done in quite a horrific manner...

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going super super duper dodgy with this, but felt the need to document what i am seeing after exhaustion of performing this over and over (even still audio off with video in main speaking one in far right corner, but you get the idea).


This is a lockdown aesthetics narrative. Carried by a body that lives under the (non)normative orders of chaos by way of chronic illnesses that are mostly invisible, and inherently, irresolvable, its preexisting standard of infinite and unknowable confinement stands in parallel with Covid-19’s rampant effects on the reorganizion of social life, or, in some ways, lackthereof.

The piece takes form as a mixed digital media screen performance of internet-mediated intimate exchanges and chosen and unchosen domestic scenes, including videos, texts, images, and readings, as a roving-through-another’s mind-body, revealing layers of spatiotemporal and socionormative captivities of this extreme moment in global history. It engages with the concepts of vulnerability, security, and ethics of care, in tension with dependency, power, and control. But, it is not without hope for thinking with a radical relationality that may be felt when loss of control encapsulates and founds subjectivities and socialities, possibly exposing reservoirs of alternative care capacity in new forms of interrelations - a cascade of virality and #quarantinelife under Covid-19.🝏