Worry people eat the dollshouse

(embed: https://youtu.be/PLRyxhvlIzQ)
Documentation of the screen performance Worry People eat the dollshouse (summer 2020). The work is intended for live presentation. Suggested to view fullscreen. Be aware of the volume, sound quality is harsh at times.

Script Text [oral]
This is the script I speak in the video that remains consistent in the upper right corner of the video screen, in which I am visible from my upper body up and I am wearing an orange tank top with black straps against a white background.

Texts of "stickies" dropdown in the screen

Script of spoken words

Worry People eat the dollshouse is a lockdown aesthetics narrative. Carried by a body that lives under the (non)normative orders of chaos by way of chronic illnesses that are mostly invisible, and inherently, irresolvable, its preexisting standard of infinite and unknowable confinement stands in parallel with Covid-19’s rampant effects on the reorganization of social life, or, in some ways, lackthereof.

The piece takes form as a mixed digital media screen performance of internet-mediated intimate exchanges and chosen and unchosen domestic scenes, including videos, texts, images, and readings, as a roving-through-another’s mind-body, revealing layers of spatiotemporal and socionormative captivities of this extreme moment in global history. It engages with the concepts of vulnerability, security, and ethics of care, in tension with dependency, power, and control. But, it is not without hope for thinking with a radical relationality that may be felt when loss of control encapsulates and founds subjectivities and socialities, possibly exposing reservoirs of alternative care capacity in new forms of interrelations - a cascade of virality and #quarantinelife under Covid-19.

Worry People eat the dollshouse was first presented at Love Spells Symposium at Royal Holloway, University of London in May 2020 and following at Affect & Social Media 4.5 Sensorium University of East London and Akademie Schloss Solitude (in-person performance) in July 2020.

It is included as part of the Love Spells book as a visual essay.