Communities of Care for Technofeminist Futures: Exploring Narratives of Social Reproduction and Vulnerability in Concepts of Security

PhD academic creative practice in-process ; social reproduction cosmopolis TAZ security theory ethics of care technofeminism

Data Wilding_Interludes

creative writing fantasy-fiction LARP futures architecture ; civic data ritual floating reality social units post-data-as-labor-economy obligation future

Reading Group

reading group moderator creator theory practice event series program ; cosmos citizenship future urban post-state ritual planetary era globalization architecture

Nobodies-for.bots MUD (Multi User Dungeon) Workshop

workshop MUD MUSH LARP game ; multi-species decision-making future communities programming bots technology distribution fantasy-fiction


cultural research archives research production project management film archives clearances ; communism Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia digital culture docu-horror consumerism globalization contemporary digital life

Alienating the Anthropocene: Case 1. Westworld

seminar PhD University of Amsterdam lecture cultural analysis Film-Philosophy ; westworld cybernetics AI research as agent's right HEZ fully-automated zone TAZ

On & Off the Grid Publication

editor book publication ; urban prefigurative politics infrastructure networks hacking self-sustaining autonomy

Becoming-user in the Wake of Planetary-Scale Computation

cultural analysis theory research paper ; beyond geopolitics post-anthropocene infrastructure cyberspace the Stack geontopower modernity / coloniality user geodesign

Userscapes: The Ambiguous Agent in a Computational Paradigm

article cultural analysis ; user beyond geopolitics cyberspace the Stack userscape subjectivity production

Pig Simulator and World-Making in VR

cultural analysis close reading research paper ; user beyond geopolitics world - making posthuman agency affectsphere the Stack VR

Holly Herndon’s Home and Life-making

cultural analysis research paper humanities close reading ; user beyond geopolitics affectsphere life - making the Stack local - global

Ideology of Creative City and the New University Movement

conference presentation close reading ; creative city humanities crisis precarity de nieuwe universiteit student protests globalization

On Computational Horizontality

interview publication ; usership computational heritage embodied computational experience design user-agent

The Common Sense and Affective Capitalism

cultural analysis research paper close reading ; affective capitalism cognitive capitalism technology scifi crisis ordinary

Aesthetics of the Impasse in Modern Family

cultural analysis research paper close reading ; good life impasse crisis ordinary aesthetic capitalism social media

Evangelical Rotor Commission

fashion illustration speculative design elementary ; evangelical christianity fiction fashion fabric manipulation politics ecstatic dance plastic

Creative Production Portfolio

business ; new york city culture and capital brands