Legitimacy and Dependency: Qualifications of Social Realities on Facebook

BA thesis

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BA thesis, written from 2008 - early 2010.

In this thesis I address the fundamental elements of Facebook’s functions effects on social behaviors from participation with the site. In my exploration I first define the relationship between communication and social realities. It is through this relationship we begin to understand Facebook’s significance in our culture. I then consider the forms of communication media by which Facebook exists and their qualities. After briefly describing the inclination of news media interactions to embody entertainment, I argue for Facebook’s presence as a news media platform. Once establishing this I discuss inconsistencies in the site’s social qualification and legitimacy due to the localization of users’ participation within the realm of a vast network of the possibly accessible information. Facebook space is qualified; that is, it has degrees of value that differ among users. These inconsistencies are the cause of new yet subtle movements within socially acceptable behaviors. It is the trust and reliance of other users to give and gain information, inter-user dependency, which realizes and perpetuates these movements.

The following text is an edited compilation of the thesis' sections I.IV Dissemination - Closing. Please note that the style is MLA and statistics and functions of Facebook referenced are from 2010 or earlier.🝏