I am an artistic-practice PhD researcher in Media Arts at Royal Holloway, University of London, with a background in cultural analysis and fashion design.

Conceptually, I have always been curious about the relationships between society and emerging technologies. Most of my projects stem from this curiosity - that is, what learnings we can garner from the study of socio-techno scenes to grow more intentionally with them, and, realize commons-centric and technofeminist futures?

Currently, my research focuses on collective living structures and ethics of care. I ask how we can better account for and support diverse formations of social reproduction relationships and rethink the basic social unit as a way to imagine post-capitalist subjectivites and politics grounded in an ethics of care.

To do so, I study Nordic Live Action Role Play (LARP) methodologies and zones, which I propose are emblematic of care as praxis. LARPs create unique sites of collaborative and autonomous becomings of individuals (character to player), and immersive worlds (players to characters with other characters). Through LARP, we can embody and test alternative social imaginaries.

My studio practice of lo-fi pop digital media expressions, creative writing, and auto-ethnography intersects with my research on Nordic LARP, additional cultural objects, and theoretical analysis, with the drive to challenge traditional forms of social reproduction and to source and animate other affects, textures, and forms of care relations.🝏