Talk notes on Technic and Magic - Federico Campagna + Bifo Berardi @ Tate

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technic magic ineffable reality-systems absolute language

Introduction starts at 00:01:12

Bifo starts at 00:03:45

Federico starts at 00:30:00

From Campagna + Bifo talk, 31 May 2018 Tate Modern Bookshop,
launch of Federico Campagna's book Technic and Magic, what he refers to as a how-to guide to reality engineering.

personal notes and terms of interest

gestalt (state-nation security over citizens in McSweeney - theory / logic of security [assets]?)
mythologies [citizen- security]

essence and existence, obsession for identity
magic as a reality therapist (bell hooks, collective healing[?])

order of accountability

ontological solidarity

salvation not liberation
[security?] in seeing the way out, a matter of vision

cannot use words that exhaust the object

rituals, litergy

‘you cannot paint truthfully - must have the painter understand the symbol and an audience that understands symbolic langauge’

frame of sense, working on the education of the gaze then*
approach as being a container of direct apprehensions** (book metamorphisis quoted to benoit, and in self-help bed book)

leads into next book, the performance of the body as the acting mirror of the ineffable - not as magic but apart of the magical discourse:

tolerance for different forms of knowledge, being the things you know; knowing the things you are

**LANGUAGE OF MAGIC & PROPHECY= grotesque forms (byzantine imagery): things that belong to different realms put into one to make clear that the realms of existence are not a total - openness to excess is grace (ethics?). this is distinct from ambiguity, which remains only in the horizontal realm, allegorical realm, not a symbolic realm

grotesque is to imagination
ambiguity is to fantasy (reference quote from He, She, and It about stimmies)

what is the condition of the ethical act (for others, grace)?

theology (symbolism - re: venice, symbols of power ; placement and capture from victories; so, symbols of [power of care/love?] - and stories of these methods?]