materials and exchange

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intercommunications cycles

The clan harvested the material that would go out in threads nearly every moment and seasonally in larger bulks. The larger bulks often included repairs on the haptics suits for recovery patients elsewhere. While the scapes and scales of agents were not definitively known, so there were not specifications in the recovery suits, the suits’ materials had the properties for observation and adaptation - they worked sympathetically with the inhabitant, which may be any range of constitution itself. The suits were sensory materials that did not heal per say, but rather guided the knowledge of the inhabitant’s system back to a coherency. The suits were both house and conductor during the recovery period, and unlike the houses that would disintegrate, these suits would learn in their orchestration and embed that deeper into their materiality, and leave traces of their collections in the inhabitants to remind their containers of their intelligences they can keep in training. Some of the more intentional-living individuals wore suit-lites all the time.

Interestingly, I learned from a visit in another community, that the materials could not survive as building materials for architecture. It seemed that each community’s constitutions were so highly adapted to the wrapping of the inhabitants with the specific locations that there was little to the shared materially and physically. Trade between the communities was information-based even with material exchanges. Things that were precious were ephemeral. Like the suits, they dissolved. This made accountability between the communities for ongoing exchange because they relied on each other as their adaptations to their lands were so specific, they close-focused on their parameters and the intricacies of being within those spaces. There was the need for learnings elsewhere because their parameters did not provide everything desired - and sometimes necessary, considering seasonal devastations. Their exchanges were primarily social, with most practicalities of exchange for the material concerns and information managed with [deep learning] systems in between the nodal communities.

I am not sure I have grasped the ebbs and flows of inter-community communications - it seems highly relational and temporally-sensitive. That is, where decades may go by and only light exchange is the typical between a set of two or four or seven, or one in [solitidal-oscillation], it may take just one of the communities’ youths to return from communities of care with an affinity relation from another to have a tidal shift in interest and intimacy with this who other community.🝏