maebelline and daffodil

fantasy-fiction mini
bowels bodies friends

for as long as Maebeline could remember Daffodil got funny tummy. Daffodil begged Maebeline to go with it to the composterie and stay with it until its loose runny poos ran thin. Maebeline obliged and offered them its hand. Daffodil and Maebeline often made their best plots while holding hands as Daffodil’s exhaustion was distracted and frustration disappeared. They decided they would only wear long gowns bejeweled with the dandelions they picked on the composterie path every time the winds blew north. this was an excellent idea because the winds were most strong when blowing north and if caught in the right skip-leap the winds hooked into the gowns and scooped Maebeline and Daffodil and any other lucky one with the same skills as them into a floating position atop one of the low clouds. they stuffed their dandelions into the clouds once they found their balance (the best perch position was with their hands on the clouds elbows in the air and knees tucked in far deep into their armpits and their toes could wiggle out behind). the cloud exchanged some of its tufts for the dandelion adornment and floated them back over to the composterie. Daffodil squeezed Maebeline’s hand a bit less squatting over the steamy earth the second time around, adding more dearth and less steam as they discussed what to wear during the expected hailstorm later that evening.🝏